Lucy Vorena (cryovorena) wrote in 5yrsgone,
Lucy Vorena

Date: Spring 2012
Characters: Lucy Vorena, Mohinder Suresh, Candice Wilmer
Summary: The Company investigates a past test subject.
Warning(s): None
Status: In Progress

There was a cool breeze in the air around the courtyard of the school. The school day was just beginning and the crowds of students in maroon jackets had already dispersed to their various classes. Lucy was late, as she often was, she liked to drive to school and finding a suitable place to park her benz often took more time than the actual commute.

As she approached the building she debated on whether she should bother with home room, which was a waste of her hour anyway, or walk down the street to the library and study for calculus. Lucy didn't expect anyone to be loitering on the school steps as she approached, nor did she expect that they would look directly at her. It seemed like they were waiting, and even more unsettling, they seemed to be waiting for her.
Tags: candice wilmer, lucy vorena, mohinder suresh
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