Joe Holmberg (joe_thepyro) wrote in 5yrsgone,
Joe Holmberg

Date: Spring 2012
Characters: Lance Alvers, Joe Holmberg
Summary: Two friends reunite.
Warnings: Language. Sexual situations.
Status: Complete

Joe was out stretching his legs, sick of the tiny apartment, fingers itching to play. Which was stupid and dangerous, he knew all too well, but he couldn't help it. It was his power, and he loved it. He turned the corner, half way around a circuit of his apartment building when he went past a man. He hadn't thought much of it as first, there were plenty of guys that hung about. But this one was familiar.

He turned, tilting his head and taking in the dark hair and light eyes, the way his mouth gripped the cigarette as he fumbled with a lighter. The name came to him when a flickering flash lit up his face. Lance Alvers. He grinned, walking back and without so much as a glance around gave a silent snap of his fingers and stuck the flaming digits half a foot from Lance's face.

"Need a light?"
Tags: joe holmberg, lance alvers
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