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Five Years Gone
Date: Spring 2012 Characters: Claire Bennet and Lance Alvers Summary:… 
11th-Oct-2007 06:57 pm
Date: Spring 2012
Characters: Claire Bennet and Lance Alvers
Summary: TBA
Warnings: None
Status: Completed

Claire watched the news as her biological father appeared on the screen waving in the most uptight manner. People smiled all around him as if the whole world had suddenly become at peace. Everything was serious now and had been for some time. The worst case scenario was happening and all she could do was sit idly by and watch it happen in front of her. She had no other option otherwise because coming forward led to all kinds of danger and she would lose whatever life she had made for herself over the years.

She'd lose Andy, her fiance, who she loved dearly and he was someone she would never give up. He’s was the most normal thing that ever happened to her, with him there were no surprises and she always felt safe. Why would she ever want to leave a life like that behind? Smiling as she thought of him, Claire looked in the backroom to see him hard at work.

He was a good man who made honest and fair decisions. He was unlike her biological father in every way and she loved that most about him. Shaking her head for a moment she then turned off the television. Her break was over and it was time for her to work on getting as many tips as she could to save up for her upcoming wedding.

Her life would continue forward as usual.
12th-Oct-2007 08:42 pm (UTC)
Lighting up in clear disregard for the No-Smoking sign hanging in the window, Lance leaned back in his seat, scowling at this surroundings. Trust Bennet to trump bumfuck Iowa with Texas of all places.

Bringing Daddy's girl home. A waste of his talents and his time, but what the fuck could you do.

"Could I get some fucking service?"
12th-Oct-2007 08:53 pm (UTC)
Claire quickly noticed the attitude this particular customer had and wondered if she had any posbility of receiving a decent tip or one at all. Taking a moment to breath as she prepared herself for anything she could throw at him, she then took out her order pad and pen. Apologetically smiling, she then walked up to his table.

"I'm sorry about that, can I get your something to drink?" She asked softly as she really hoped he didn't go off because she'd neglected to wait on him as soon as he got there.
12th-Oct-2007 08:58 pm (UTC)
"Coffee," he replied, flicking ashes from the tip and scanning the desert menu. What the hell. "And a slice of chocolate pie."

He tilted his head in her direction, scanning her appraisingly. Bennet had shown him a blonde in the picture, but it was undeniably the same girl.

12th-Oct-2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
"-You can't smoke in here.." She quickly informed him before she heard a name she hadn't heard in a while.

Narrowing her eyes she looked down at him, unsure of why or how he knew her real name. Of course her mind quickly went to bad places as she assumed the worst of the situation. Was he there to take her away so she could undergo experiment after experiment till there was nothing left of her?

Trying to keep as cool as possible she hardly wanted to make a scene if she didn't exactly know what the situation was. Most people thought her to be dead, and he could just be mistaken and there was no need to compromise herself.

"My name is Sandra," Pointing at her name tag, she then reached over for his cigarette and quickly extinguished it. "-I'll go get your coffee now, while you think about what you want to order."
12th-Oct-2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
He caught her arm before she could leave, a scowl crossing his features. "One? I can smoke anywhere I fucking well please. Two? Your dad sent me Sandra."

Lance dropped her arm, digging the pack out of his coat.

"So. Coffee, and then we're leaving, so say your tearful goodbyes."
12th-Oct-2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
"What?" Was all she could really say as he seemed to of left her rather speechless. Crossing her arms as she planted her feet on the ground, she didn't plan on moving an inch till she got some answers out of him or at least got rid of him.

"I don't know who you are or what you're doing here but my father is dead." She informed him as she hardly believed everything that he had said.

Her father would of come himself and would not of sent some stranger that was this hostel in manner. He obviously knew enough to know who she was and Claire would have to deal with that whenever he was gone.
12th-Oct-2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
Lance rolled his eyes, striking the lighter and taking a deep drag. "Look, I know you're incognito and all that shit, but do we really have to do this whole thing?"

A shake of the head.

"And don't think I'm leaving here without you coming. Willing or no."
12th-Oct-2007 09:31 pm (UTC)
Reaching over for his cigarette she again swiped it. "And how exactly do I know that my father actually sent you and that your not one of them?" She asked already knowing what a bad idea that was.

He'd of course no the standard procedure of answering that very question if he was one of them but she could hope that her father told him a code word or something that would make him less suspicious.

"You can't force me to go anywhere with you.." She added trying to stand her ground and to not let him intimidate her. Again she snuffed out his second cigarette making sure to keep her eyes on him the whole time.
12th-Oct-2007 09:33 pm (UTC)
He clenched his jaw, watching her stubb his second cigarette out on the table, annoyance filtering through him. "Those are expensive, you know. And babe, if I was one of them? We wouldn't be having a conversation."

A light tremor shuddered through the floor.

"You wanna bet?"
12th-Oct-2007 09:45 pm (UTC)
"Expensive and deadly, you really shouldn't smoke." She forced a smile to appear polite. Arching an eyebrow after thinking over everything what he had said, Claire was still on the fence.

Of course he didn't help his cause any when he decided to show what exactly he could do. Trying to keep herself balanced, a worrisome look formed over her face after the shuddering stopped.

"It's interesting that you claim to know my father, yet you threaten me. Leads me to think you're one of them.." She kept her gaze on him as she leaned in closer, "..and just for the record don't ever call me 'babe.'"
12th-Oct-2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
A smirk, leaning back in his chair.

"Yeah? What are you going to do about it, babe?" A snort. "I may know Daddy, but I'm not in the mood to indulge Daddy's little girl. I'm here to get you and bring you back. Sooner I do that, sooner I get to go home. How I bring you back? Wasn't really specified."
12th-Oct-2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
"Well..." She had to think on her feet, obviously this guy was all kinds of trouble and she had no intention on leaving with him.

"I'll just go the the back and get my things then.." She smiled as she spoke softly. "Since I don't have a choice and all."

Turning around slowly she wondered if she could get Andy to move quickly. They had to get out of there as fast as possible because she was fairly certain Lance would make a huge scene trying to get her. The last thing she needed was to be exposed to her fiance considering she'd lied about her whole life.
12th-Oct-2007 09:57 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, you do that, babe," he muttered, keeping an eye on her, drumming his fingertips on the tabletop.

He didn't trust her as far as he could throw her, but hey, he was an allowing type of guy. He could give her the benefit of the doubt.
12th-Oct-2007 10:10 pm (UTC)
Opening the door to the kitchen, Claire walked in slowly. As soon as the door was all the way closed she ran over to Andy.

In a whisper and in her most serious tone she spoke, "We have to leave now..." Her eyes were wide as his face read completely confused by what she was saying.

"Sandra what's going on? Is this some kind of a game or something?" He smiled as he'd been rather innocent to things such as this.

"I'll explain later but.. We have to go now.." Nodding her head as she enunciated the words, she put her hands on his arms as she escorted him toward the back door. "I'm very serious, we have to leave now and very quietly.."

Her heart was throbbing faster than ever now and she constantly looked back and forth at the dining room door.
12th-Oct-2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
Missions in Texas and most anywhere in the south meant dealing with the Militia. Their bombs and traps and things were rudimentary at best, but they were effective in slowing down a pair of over-worked, over-qualified operatives.

She suggested a break in their routine because she wanted a smoke and Jamie was adamant that she couldn't do so in the car. Two more days and she'd be back home. Small comfort, she thought as they parked in front of the diner, her boots crushing dust as she got out.

"Best of Texan hospitality," she chuckled, throwing her partner an easy smile. "Normal enough, d'you think?"
12th-Oct-2007 10:24 pm (UTC)
"Hush, I like this place," Jamie told her, slamming the door shut and rounding the front of the car. "I used to work here, you know."

And the door still jingled when you opened it. Not the place's most attractive feature, but nice to know somethings never changed.
12th-Oct-2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
"Never would have thought," she teased, bumping her shoulder against his. "Country boy like you..." Scanning the restaurant with vague interest she took a seat at the counter, a little ways down from the only other occupant.

"So what's good here? Let me guess... waffles?"
12th-Oct-2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
"I've worn many faces," Jamie said seriously, "Farm boy, bus boy, agent...boy."

He grinned, reaching for a menu. "And yes, the waffles are fantastic. Not to mention the deep-friend Oreos."
12th-Oct-2007 10:33 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, yeah, can I smoke in here, do you think?" she asked, already reaching for a cig. "Spent the last hundred miles just itching for a smoke, I might shoot someone if I can't get my fix." She was only half joking.

Despite the no-smoking sign, there was no waitress abound. No one to complain.
12th-Oct-2007 10:48 pm (UTC)
Jamie shrugged. "It's not like anyone can see it if you can't."

He made sure to put plenty of disapproval in the words.
12th-Oct-2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
"We can't leave now, we're working.." Andy spoke stern as he couldn't fathom the idea of work being second priority to what was going on.

"Andy, we can't stay here.. It's too.." Claire paused for a moment, not wanting to have 'the conversation' now and had to think of a way around it. "..dangerous. Just trust me when I say we have to leave.." She leaned in on the last bit as she tugged on him lightly.

Still he had no idea what was going on and Andy really hesitated leaving the diner without the knowledge of why. The worst case scenario for him was that someone was out there harassing his fiance and he didn't like the idea.

"Is someone out there?" His tone now serious and louder as he demanded an answer from her.

"Keep your voice down!" She tried to whisper but had come out just as loud. Nodding her head was all she could do as she pulled him toward the exit. "We have to go!"
12th-Oct-2007 11:31 pm (UTC)
"I'm having Children of the Corn flashbacks," Candice shot after a few long minutes of waiting around, cigarette between her lips. "Think the staff's decided outsiders make better lunch that cow meat--hello?" Jamie might've been patient and content to wait. Candice was jittery.
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