Claire Bennet (morethanafreak) wrote in 5yrsgone,
Claire Bennet

Date: Spring 2012
Characters: Claire Bennet and Lance Alvers
Summary: TBA
Warnings: None
Status: Completed

Claire watched the news as her biological father appeared on the screen waving in the most uptight manner. People smiled all around him as if the whole world had suddenly become at peace. Everything was serious now and had been for some time. The worst case scenario was happening and all she could do was sit idly by and watch it happen in front of her. She had no other option otherwise because coming forward led to all kinds of danger and she would lose whatever life she had made for herself over the years.

She'd lose Andy, her fiance, who she loved dearly and he was someone she would never give up. He’s was the most normal thing that ever happened to her, with him there were no surprises and she always felt safe. Why would she ever want to leave a life like that behind? Smiling as she thought of him, Claire looked in the backroom to see him hard at work.

He was a good man who made honest and fair decisions. He was unlike her biological father in every way and she loved that most about him. Shaking her head for a moment she then turned off the television. Her break was over and it was time for her to work on getting as many tips as she could to save up for her upcoming wedding.

Her life would continue forward as usual.
Tags: candice wilmer, claire bennet, jamie madrox, lance alvers
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