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"The future is here, now, and the past is full of actual deeds, real history. Utopias hardly have the meat on their bones to sustain a people in grave times."
-- Patricia Hampl

Five years after New York City was destroyed, people with extraordinary abilities are being labeled as terrorists, registered, hunted, and killed. As President of the United States, Nathan Petrelli, has administered the “Linderman Act” which involves the tracking of “special” people and banning them from breeding. This isn’t enough. Since it's impossible to alter DNA to reverse special abilities, more drastic means of control are being suggested in order to truly protect the people from the next potential Sylar.

In New York and around the country, the Enclave, a freedom movement with few scruples about the use of violence, promotes mutant rights and demands separation from the non-evolved population.

At the price of betraying their own kind, a number people with extraordinary abilities have joined the government in the struggle to resist anarchy. Among them, Matt Parkman as head of Homeland Security. Their mission is to track down those who are attempting to stop the president's reforms.

Everywhere, mutant and "normals" alike are convinced that Sylar, at least, was stopped by the explosion that changed the course of modern history.

Will you break the law and fight for your freedom? Or will you accept the government's decree?

How will you manage in this intense struggle for survival?

Five Years Gone is an AU Heroes RPG set in the future, as shown in the episode with the same name. Plotlines may vary in the course of the game, but canonical characters must have the same backstory as described in the series up to the end of season one. (Comics may be disregarded. That is to say, if you want to play Hana, you may, since her death has only been discussed in the comics. Equally, in the spirit of diversity, Nathan and Sylar are two different people, with the real Nathan Petrelli alive and well and leading the country.)

NB: Playing canonically dead characters is also allowed, as long as you clear it with a mod first.
RulesApplication Procedure

1. Be respectful of other players.

2. Be active. Please make sure you are able to post at least once a week. If there is a problem and you need to take a hiatus, please post a notice or contact one of the mods. If you are inactive for one week and have not informed us of a hiatus, you will be given a prompt to help you to get involved in the game once more. After two weeks, you will be dealt a warning. If there is no response after three weeks, you will lose posting privileges.

3a. Scenes with other characters are to be written in the third person, past tense format and posted in the main community. Entries in character journals are as your character would write and these are not mandatory. All posts that do not pertain to the actual RP should be posted in the OOC community.

3b. Scenes with other characters are to follow this template:
Date: (game starts in Spring 2012)
Warnings: (if any)
Status: (in progress or complete)
Private or open for other players to join

4. With regards to pairings, there are no restrictions, however please check first with the other player so everyone concerned is on the same page.

5. Put warnings on your scenes. Some players may not want to read threads containing certain issues (such as sex, extreme violence, torture, etc), and it's only fair to give them that head's up. We're not banning any subject matter, but we want our players to be comfortable, and warnings help with that.

Fill out the following form and send to 5yrsgone.mods@gmail.com . If you are rejected, you will be told why and you will be invited to repost your application.

All applications will be dealt with within 48 hours. Once you have been accepted, please post your application under a cut at this community so other members can meet you and your character.

At the moment, we allow a maximum of two characters per player. You may apply for more if you want, however in order to be approved you must be actively playing both your previous characters.

Player Information

Contact information: (AIM/MSN/etc)
Player LJ:

Character Information

Occupation* (if related to affiliation, see
Dramatis Personae):
Affiliation (see
Dramatis Personae):
What motivates him/her?
Sample/Introduction Post (3rd person perfect; 200 words minimum):
Character LJ:

*Depending on where a character enters in a certain branch of affiliation, promotions/demotions become dependent on the IC involvement in the game. Demands for promotion/demotion must be run by the mods.
Taken Characters
Claire Bennet
Mohinder Suresh
Candice Wilmer
Jamie Madrox
Lance Alvers
Dae-mun "Jimmy" Lee
Kirin Yi
Lucy Vorena
Emelia Harper
Joe Holmberg

Community moderators are nemesis_cry and murasaki_plum.
Email: 5yrsgone.mods [at] gmail.com. Any questions or disputes should be brought up with them.